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Laurich s.r.o.
Ústecká 130
403 39 Chlumec u Ústí nad Labem
Czech republic
Tel.: +420 475 223 997
Fax.: +420 223 656
E-mail: laurich@laurich.cz

Services of the LAURICH s.r.o. company

Full servicing and services of the Laurich s.r.o. company include:

Laurich s.r.o. company handles water treatment especially for the fields of:

The present day

At our customers’ site, we help to search for potential problems in the field of water treatment. If we find any, we offer the most efficient solution.

Since we are not bound by any exclusive contract concerning the supply of components, we are able to choose – within the given time frame and under the given conditions – the most suitable configuration from the up-to-date offer of both world and domestic producers. We always seek to learn the needs and possibilities of an individual customer and then to tailor the equipment to their needs.

Thanks to many years of experience in water treatment solutions on the Czech market, we have already identified special characteristics not only of the field of energetics and combined heat and power production, but also of the food processing, textile, electrical, chemical and engineering industries. Since we work in all parts of the Czech Republic, we are well aware of different water qualities in different areas.

We do the most to meet our goal:
Trust of our customers and satisfaction with the water treated by the Laurich s.r.o. company


The Laurich company was founded in 1994. It went into business in 1995 and began to import water purification products of the PUROLITE International Ltd. company.

Since 1996 it has been providing complex turnkey offers to establish and run water purifying plants for companies in the industry of energetics, also for power plants, industrial plants, boiler plants, family houses and other places where water is being heated or used as drinking water or for industrial purposes, regardless of its quantity.

In 1999 we managed to obtain representation of Jurby Water Tech International, an English company that supplies full range of chemicals for boiler and cooling water treatment. Thanks to the partnership with the Jurby company we are now able to offer service water treatment at all levels from filtration to final dosing of stabilization technologies.

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